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GC 1000 Laboratory Gas Chromatograph

DANI Laboratory Gas Chromatograph

DANI GC 1000 is a very versatile and easy to use high resolution digital gas chromatograph. Even with its small footprint, it is fully equipped to satisfy the most demanding users.

The flexible and adaptable basic structure includes up to four injectors and detectors for packed and capillary columns.

The configuration of the GC 1000 can be inexpensively extended at any time.

The oven is extremely spacious and easily accessible and contains many columns enabling the user to develop complicated analytical configurations.

DANI GC 1000 has a complete range of detectors for a wide range of applications:

  • Flame Ionization Detector FID
  • Electron Capture Detector ECD
  • Nitrogen Phosphorous Detector NPD
  • Thermal Conductivity Detector TCD and micro TCD
  • Photo Ionization Detector PID
  • Flame Photometric Detector FPD
ALS 1000 Automatic Liquid Sampler

ALS 1000 Automatic Liquid SamplerThe ALS 1000 Automatic Liquid Sampler can be used with all injectors, packed or capillary, in any analytical condition.

Two sampling techinques, Regular and Flush&Dry, and three options of air volume and solvent, are combined to optimise sampling with different samples and injection techniques.

The 51 samples, placed in a removable tray for easy loading, and the injection in two aligned injectors, guarantee high laboratory productivity.

The ALS 1000 can be combined with the GC 1000 gas chromatograph to improve precision and increase productivity, automating the whole analysis process.

All parameters of the ALS 1000 can be programmed directly on its keyboard and, through the acquisition software DANI DDS Clarity™, the injection parameters become integral part of the analytical method.


HSS 86.50 Head Space Sampler

HSS 86.50 Head Space Sampler The sophisticated features of the HSS 86.50 Head Space Sampler take advantage of the head space technique in any field of application.

The HSS 86.50 uses the Valve&Loop sampling method first developed by DANI and highly prized by operators. The Valve&Loop method allows a known and reproducible quantity of gas to be injected independently of system back pressure. Relative standard deviation is typically below 1% and continuous flow of the sample circuit means negligible contamination of memory effect.

The HSS 86.50 is a totally independent system yet it can be used with any type of gas chromatograph. Interfacing is fast and easy: all you do is connect the carrier gas and insert the transfer line end into the gas chromatograph injection port.

In the last six years, over 4000 head space autosamplers have been delivered, making it the market leader.


SPT 37.50 Sequential Purge&Trap Sampler

SPT 37.50 Sequential Purge&Trap SamplerThe SPT 37.50 Sequential Purge&Trap Sampler is designed for the determination of volatile organics at ppm/ppb levels in solid and liquid samples in the form of powder, granules, foil, suspensions or emulsion.

The Purge&Trap and Dynamic Head Space principles are applied to remove and detect traces of volatile organics in the samples which can not be directly injected into a gas chromatographic analyser.

The SPT 37.50 can work in combination with any gas chromatograph. The set up is simple and fast - just connect the carrier and air supply lines and introduce the end of the transfer tube into the GC injection port septum.


STD 1000 Sequential Tube Desorber

STD 1000 Sequential Tube DesorberThe fully automatic STD 1000 Sequential Tube Desorber is designed for high throughput analysis of volatile and semi-volatiles extracted from adsorbent materials or directly from solid matrices.

The STD 1000 introduces a unique instantaneous trap heating system. This innovative device fully protects resolution, sensitivity and accuracy for the most difficult applications such as capillary GC and GC/MS.

No cryogenic liquid is required; the electrically cooled trap removes downtime and reduces running costs. More, the STD 1000 can be easily coupled with any gas chromatograph or GC/MS working in full automation and in synchronisation with the gas chromatograph and the data handling system DANI DDS Clarity™.


AIR Sampler

AIR SamplerAIR SAMPLER provides the automatic sampling of gaseous samples from ambient, gas streams, sampling bags or canisters directly into the focusing trap of STD1000 Sequential Thermal Desorber.

AIR SAMPLER/STD1000 coupling is the perfect solution for on-line and off-line monitoring of volatile organic compounds at trace concentrations.

AIR Sampler main specification:

  • Selectable sampling rate up to 100 ml/min
  • Sampling time up to 120 min with total sampled volume on display
  • Sample, calibration and blank inlets
  • User defined sampling cycle (sample, calibration, blank)
  • 10 line selector, optional
  • Up to 100 sample repetitions
  • Up to 100 or infinite cycle repetitions
  • User defined sampling frequency
  • Repeatability better than 3% RSD%

AIR Sampler is compliant with EPA TO14-TO15 canister sampling methods for EPA regulations regarding Ambient Air Quality.


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